Perspective Changes Everything

I used to have an addiction. I was drowning in a materialistic world trying to prove my worthiness. When life isn't in balance, it favors an extreme. I went off the deep end losing myself and my savings. Things appear one way about me to the outside world. I played it up. I lied. I allowed my true self to be shoved down in a box. This all wasn't me.

I realized the daunting truth of my past mistakes had led me off a path I didn't want to go. My perspective had been altered in a major way, flipped upside down and from top to bottom I wanted to be whole again and find my true worth. It wasn't in things. It wasn't in boys. Yoga made me feel the balance I so desperately needed. I found my Savior again in an unexpected form. God finds us whenever we're lost. You will always find the light. Always. Run as far as you can. Deny your truth. It will find you.

Once you view your life for what is really is with absolute candor, everything will change. We have problems to be faced head on and dreams to be realized and fought for. We let so much come in between us and our dreams. Protect your truth. From the authentic core of your being, the BS is a distraction. Look a little closer at your heart. Are you who you want to be? Do your actions line up with you ideals, dreams, and visions? In love and light, I pray you find the harmony in your life to find those answers for yourself.