Mediocrity <

You and I are different.

Although, I do not know you or what you look like, I know this is true. The point of this is to say that there are things that work for you that just won't work for me. I have been told by society and my family that college is required for success. If I didn't have true-grit and embrace risk, maybe I would follow into the well-paved path with everyone else. Maybe I would be miserable.

Something I do know is that we are always changing. Those tried-and-true, can't-get-away-from passions are what it is all about. The money is enticing and so is the life on the other side with pretty labels, and pretty people. 

We should always ask why. Why is that attractive to us? Why do we want to do what we are doing? Or not do? 

Hear me out. To ask yourself if college is right, you should ask yourself if you sincerely believe in the major and the place God, the universe, or whatever you believe in put you in. No one wants to live a life with pain, debt, and suffering. If your soul is not on fire for the path you're choosing, take a different road. Create the life you only dream of and talk about endlessly. Make it a reality. 

We are unique. A different set of gifts are given to each of us, and only you know where you will find success. Don't follow a dull, colorless life because it doesn't fit the person you are born to be. Passionate, courageous, fearless. Gather the things that make you, you. Bundle it up and make it a beautiful life. Here's to you and your journey to a realized destiny.